Monday, July 30, 2012

Legwork Team Publishing is a leading, cutting-edge custom self- publishing company. We offer a comprehensive, wide variety of book, eBook, and marketing services.

What does it mean to self-publish a book?

Each week Legwork Team Publishing will be giving our readers and bloggers a good insight on what the publishing process is all about. Whether you are writing a sports book, memoir/autobiography, romance novel, fiction, mystery, science fiction, poetry, children's, or any other genre, we can help you with your book publishing goals.

As a Legwork Team Publishing author, you maintain control of your book through editing, proofreading, cover design, layout, print, distribution, marketing, and bookstore visibility; your book your way. Do you know that when you publish with Legwork Team you receive a Bookstore-quality custom-designed book which will be distributed on,, and 25,000 retail outlets throughout the World? Legwork Team Publishing can offer you affordable publishing prices, unique marketing services, and a wonderful friendly team who is dedicated to helping you achieve and define your goals.

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